Hello, I'm Tessa!
I like designing things
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I'm a product designer who's specializes in UX and UI design of mobile apps, websites, and VR/AR explorations.


Some recent things I've written.

Strategies for VR Prototyping

Discovering tools and workflows to better visualize ideas in 36o˙.

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How to Design VR Skyboxes

Making skyboxes in Unity3D from a variety of different materials.

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Making Sense of Skyboxes in VR Design

How the physics of our real world translate to VR design practices.

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The Things That No One Tells You About Learning to Design for VR

Working at the fringe of your skill set can be intimidating.

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Building a VR App in 14 Days

A designer’s first time building with Unity3D.

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Why I Admire Full Stack People

Learning to be a better designer by studying Dave Grohl, Buster Posey, or even… that ‘Most Interesting Man in The World’ guy?

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About Me

When I left my career as a biologist to work in design, I started off with a focus on graphic design. After a few years, this evolved into a specialty of UX & UI design for mobile and web applications. These days I'm also getting my feet wet with VR design. I love that I get to think about analytical questions and apply creative solutions while researching new technologies and learning new skills – blending my past life with my current life. When I'm not busy designing, I'm usually watching sports or listening to music.